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I’ve never really had any severe problems with my skin. In general, i’d probably place pretty average on the skin-clarity scale. I’ve never suffered from acne, but i’ve always had pimples here and there, and without make-up, I have a good party of scars and redness that I don’t particularly enjoy.

 Whenever I complain about needing to put on more foundation, or moaning about my pimples, I always get echoed with groans. “Ugh shut up, you don’t even need foundation” or “What are you complaining about?! I’d kill to have your skin”.

Flattering, but all I can think is, yes. That’s because you only ever see me with foundation on. I bloody hope my skin looks clear- foundation is expensive! Haha!

But really, it all comes down to confidence. There are days when my skin looks clear, and days where I’m sure I must have slept on a rats ass. On those days I definitely feel less confident.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 15.50.08.png

But following my discovery of Origins, I can say that my nights of rodent privy sleep are now an absolute rarity, and my skin looks and feels healthy, hydrated and clear the majority of the time! Almost as if it’s got a slight glow (and not an oily one at that…).

Since using this stuff, I’ve noticed an actual positive difference!

Having pretty average skin all my life, i’ve never come across a skin care brand where it’s had enough of an impact for me to seriously notice it. It’s one thing to be seen without makeup and receive compliments on my skin, but to be able to compliment my own skin is an entirely different story. My cheeks actually feel like a baby’s bum. And I am obsessed. (Not with the bum bit… obsessed with my face).

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 16.22.52.png

A little bit about the Products…

Origins use 100% renewable and biodegradable resources, and natural earth and sea ingredients which is super comforting to know that you aren’t scrubbing a bunch of chemicals into your face.

In terms of cruelty free, the brand itself claims to believe in ‘the power of nature’ and therefore does not test on animals, so in terms of cruelty-free skin-care you’ve got yourself a winner (however, upon further research, they do use cruelty-free honey & beeswax). The brand also accessorise a ‘plant a tree’ initiative, promoting care for the planet and the environment. Truly a brand I can get behind!

Since using origins, massively reduced redness and very few spot visits, my skin genuinely looks and feels healthy and hydrated! Now I know a lot of these changes have come down to my diet, but since starting to use origins, it undeniably deserves huge credit- i’ve found my new skin-care brand, and i’d have to come across something pretty spectacular for that to change!

What i’ve been using: 

Ginseng Refreshing Scrub CleanserScreen Shot 2017-07-16 at 15.38.46

After taking off my make-up, ill gently use the scrub cleanser with my hands to remove any excess dirt and take off any left over make-up, and rinse with warm water. Next, I always use a toner of some sort. This helps to close the pores in your face, so no more dirt or oil can get into the pores you just cleaned out. I’ve been using Simple’s Soothing Facial Toner in particular.

(Image taken from website)


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 15.37.36.pngGinseng Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturiser

Next, i’ll massage a pea-sized amount of the Gel Moisturiser (you only need a tiny bit, a little seriously goes such a long way) on the tips of my fingers, and rub this in outward circular motions into my face. Not only does it smell amazing, but the feeling is only comparable to that of silk.

(Image taken from the website)


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 15.38.00

Ginseng Peel Off Mask

Now i’ve only used this mask twice. After raving about the stuff, my sister went and bought this mask which she (somewhat reluctantly) let me borrow, but I thought it deserved an honourable mention! Peeling off this mask felt like it was stripping away all of my imperfections. I swear, it was hard to tell the difference between my face and the sink.

So. Damn. Smooth.

(Images taken from the website)

Ginseng is a root typically grown in Asia and is known to restore and enhance well-being. Ginseng is also used to reduce stress, relax, and provide an energy boost to those whom consume.

Each product retails at around £30 each, which is slightly on the pricier side, but is something I have no qualms investing in. It’s results are definitely reflected! If you are looking for a skin care brand that really makes a difference, I recommend you give origins a try!

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